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Meridian Yoga is about freeing blocks in the body and strengthening the flow of Prana life energy using yoga asana, plus a modern stretching technique called resistance stretching and oriental bodywork from shiatsu, pressure point massage, and breathing exercises. The goal is to open and balance the energetic pathways of the body called meridians in Chinese medicine, and nadis in yoga – to improve our health, our happiness, and our feeling of connection with life.


In Meridian Yoga there are specific asanas and hands-on work for the 14 meridians in the body and we combine a yin/yang gentle flow with these techniques which stretches all the meridians. As a whole, Meridian Yoga is a very effective practice for cleansing and releasing the blockages that stifle the flow of Prana in the body. When these techniques are utilized together with a strong pranayama practice, therapeutic benefits can be felt physically and emotionally.  This Meridian flow yoga gives one an unbeatable combination for


With reverence for life, our breath, we can connect to the universal power or the universe....Namaste'

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