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  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am Awakening Yoga
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00am Gentle Yoga
  • Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am Fine Tune Your Warrior
  • Tuesday 6:00pm, Thursday 2:30pm, Saturday 10:00am Gentle Yoga as well
  • Sunday 10:00am Vinyasa Flow


All classes are available virtually via Zoom.


There are more virtual class options, which can be found on our In Person/Zoom Hybrid Schedule Below:

Contact Kim Mackie at (508) 241- 4702 to see if there are any available spots to come into the studio. The class will also be held on Zoom if you'd rather stay at home. To get access to the Zoom class link, call Kim. 


Ahimsa = Non-harmfulness: living in such a way we cause no harm in thought, speech or action to any living being, including thy self.



Yoke:  Mind Body & Breath

practice Yoga

practice Being

The truth in finding your inner vision

The truth in finding your inner strength

The truth in finding your inner peace begins

with "stillness"

The truth begins with now...

 The Truth in finding your power begins with you

Re-membering your inner peace

Your inner vision

Re-Member your power


It all comes from the stillness that is within you

Three days of one hour power yoga transforms "you" in the middle of the week




Introduction to yoga, tools for beginners and practicing yogis. Learning to build on your awareness and connect with your consciousness at a higher level. This class will be full of surprises as you learn new tools to create through the present moment in your warrior postures.


Call with any questions.  508.241.4702 



Welcome to Revelation Yoga, a community created with mutual respect for each and every unique individual.  As we practice respect for ourselves, we give more to our family, friends, our community and our environment.


At Revelation Yoga you will find Inner Peace, we practice Power with Stillness and gain by Growing with the energy that unfolds with-in each of our personal levels on the mat, (on our own mat, depending on what each individual is working on).  The classes are full of suprises when you practice an incouraged unique unfolding of energy in each moment with a personal feeling, and of a freedom to  feel comfortable while feeling free to ask for assistance and allow alignment. As you select a class you choose the energy, be it a Power class, a Hatha class, a Gentle class, a Meditaion or a Dance class, you will unfold in your own personal space.  As you are guided you will age with wisdom on the mat, you will gain integrity and a feeling of love of self and balance and your chosen personal power will grow in each unique class.  Now begin to feel younger as you age, and feel stronger by allowing a gentleness to unfold into your life, as well as dancing like not a single person is judging or watching.  Enjoy the community as it unfolds in the NOW, each and every breath brings a new sensation of Grounding, Balance and Freedom.


The studio is conveniently located in the cross-section of Norton, Easton and Mansfield.  Revelation Yoga is a safe place for releasing and healing. Yoga is a healthy way to release any form of stress in life, and an opportunity to get in touch with your physical, spiritual and metaphysical strength. This is the gift of yoga, it's yoking the mind, the body and the breath, making peace with the moment as you get in shape.


All levels of experience (or inexperience) are welcome in this sanctuary. You will be guided to reach new heights in spirituality, self-healing, flexibility, agility, strength and physical fitness.

What is Revelation Yoga about


Revelation Yoga is about allowing time for yourself, it's about remembering how important you are to every thing that you create in your life. It's about choosing your time, and allow (yoga time) to remind you of your ability to create, "be", and breath.  The truth is the breath, how to use the breath and remember the power that lives in each and every one of us.  The secret is remembered when we slow down and go inside, it all starts now... 


Yoga will also teach you how to allow all emotional experiences to be used as tools in life.  Yoga is (re-membering), going inside; "to listen and to breath, feel energy and be with the truth". Revelation Yoga is about balance, awareness, breath and consciousness.  Revelation Yoga is about connecting with self healing, strength, love and connecting wtih the moment. Yoga is a "present" of giving back to yourself...


What You Will Discover Practicing Yoga


You will discover that "working-out" is great, but when you interweave that with "working-in", you will find a balance, you will realize the truth in "grounding",and becoming centered.  We are all searching for inner peace, and truth, yoga alows you to practice slowing down with breath and core balance.  Begin to look with-in, find it on the mat , truth starts when you're ready, yoga is a path, slow and steady as you begin you are free to"be" ...



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