Fine-Tune Your Warrior Yoga Postures

The studio will be offering a Fine-Tune Your Warrior class once a month.  This class is followed by a community gathering in the front room.  Feel free to bring snacks and chocolate and hang out with friends and community.


Fine-Tune Your Warrior Yoga Postures: This is a class for beginners and practicing yogi's, This is a practice that will focus on Warrior Postures, Breath, Learning about the key yoga locks to circulate energy in the body.  Real yoke begins with  engaging in the present moment with Intention, Attention and 'the Will of Awareness'.  Let this class open you up to experience the power that is already with-in you.  Be the Warrior  Call if you have any questions about this class. 


Please note: This class is only offered the first Thursday each month so mark your calendar and Fine-Tune your practice then enjoy a community celebration bringing us into the new month.

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