Autumn/Winter Schedule 2019-2020 begins on the first of October, the new classes are on the schedule for you to see. As always I enjoy your feedback. 

*Please go to home page for updates regarding holidays and inclement weather*                   

Time Class Duration
 8:30a Awakening Yoga with Kim 1.5hr
10:30a Yin Yang Gentle Yoga with Kim 1.25hr
 6:30p Yin Yang Gentle Yoga with Kim



Time Class Duration
8:30a Autumn Winter schedule begins 10/1/19  





Power Yoga with Kim



Chair Yoga (Gentle) with Meditation





6:30p Yin Yang Gentle Yoga with Lee  1.25 hr


Time Class Duration
 8:30a Awakinging Yoga with Kim 1hr
9:30a One Hour Power Yoga with Kim 1hr
10:30a Restorative Yoga  
5:30p Gentle Meridian Yoga with Ellen


Time Class Duration
 9:30 One hour Power Yoga with Kim 1.00 hr


Yin Yang Gentle Yoga with Kim

1.25 hr

4:30p Rejuvenate  1.00 hr


Time Class Duration
 8:30a Awakening Yoga with Kim 1.5hr
10:30a Yin Yang Gentle Yoga with Kim 1.25 hr 


Time Class Duration
9:00a Grounding Yoga begins October 2019 ~
10:30a Yin Yang Gentle Yoga 1.25


Time Class Duration





Power Yoga with Kim





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What's New?

Please check out the front page for any changes in the schedule, holidays, inclement weather and June, (Family)  time. 


200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification



Call 508-241-4702 to speak with me personally, I am available for you when you call, I will answer any questions regarding why you may want to choose Revelation Yoga for your Teacher Training Certification, through Revelation Yoga,

This exciting new Teacher Training begins October 2019/20


RYTT will be offering a boost for all certified yoga instructors who are looking for choriography, music and a leading voice. This is a class offered to instructors that want to find that yoga voice inside them, also the instructor that wants to learn how to create a class. this class is offered to help guide you with your own intuitive knowing. If this is of interest to you please text 508/241-4702 or feel free to call with questions. Sometimes after receiving a 200 or 500 Teacher Training it’s hard to get motivated to instruct, this class is to help you begin as an instructor with confidence and heart. 






Namaste', Kim



The Yoga School of Revelation considers the certificaiton of qualified yoga a very high mission.  Revelation Yoga feels that in order to offer excellent yoga teacher certification we shall provide the highest quality educational curriculum and text, including faculty, teachers and support services for the students and graduates. Revelation is committed to building an honest and supportive culture in which everyone is treated with warmth, love and respect, this is community. Namaste' 


Weekend Intensives:


~Anatomy and Physiology

~Yoga Philosophy

~Yoga Methodology

~Meditation and Reiki

~Structural Alignment


~Yoga Technique(s)


Schedule your

Reiki Treatment

today with Kim. 




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